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"Gideon" Center
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1.   Clinics:
      Doctor, Eye Doctor, Dentist, Nurse - follow up of chronically ill elderly, heart problems, blood pressure, dental and eye
      problems, etc.
2.   Social Services:
      Lawyer, accountant - advice is given when needed.
3.   Workshop
      Many volunteers prepare the articles which are sold in our shop. We also have a group with an art teacher who is available
      to help where needed. There are classes in painting, drawing, doll making, etc. A professional seamstress is available to
      repair clothes at a nominal price and is also available for general instruction
4.   Library - there are two libraries on the premises. One with religious books in the synagogue and a general library with English
      French and Hebrew and Hungarian books.
5.   Games Room:
      Five days a-week many elderly come every morning to play bridge, dominoes, chess etc. or to read the morning newspapers
      in a lively atmosphere. There is a small kitchen with the means to prepare tea or coffee.
6.   Beth Midrash - synagogue 
      Five days weekly from 9.00 - 10.00 a Rabbi teaches and discusses various religious topics and is available for
      personal conversation and advice. Men from the Day Care Center are invited each day to learn religious topics and also
      have the opportunity to help to put on tephillin if wanted..
7.   SHOP:
      There is a beautiful non-profit gift shop selling all the handicrafts of the volunteers from the Workshop and some
      from the elderly at the Day Care Center.Many volunteers prepare the articles which are sold in our shop.
8.   CLASSES:  - Hebrew, Computers, Memory Loss, etc
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